By joining Daily Mail Blaster and ticking the box on the registration form you agree to the following terms & conditions.

1) Membership & Accounts

  • Daily Mail Blaster reserves the right to refuse suspend or remove members for any reason without giving notice. This includes but is not limited to members who promote sites and services from our not allowed list and members who use frame breakers.

  • We Strictly DO NOT ALLOW members to use our services to promote or facilitate websites that are based on or contain:

    • Hate or Racial
    • Adult Material (Including age specific access sites)
    • Bad, foul or abusive language
    • Viruses, Spyware or Malware
    • Auto installing/downloading software
    • Any Illegal Business activity in relation to UK & US law
    • Sites with pop-ups, must click to close exit prompts or frame breakers
    • Pages or part Text that is not written in English
    • HYIP, pyramid or Ponzi schemes
    • Investment surf sites or any autosurfs
    • Matrix sites, randomizers, cyclers or similar "get rich quick" schemes
    • Weapons or other state regulated items

    Violation of this policy will result in ad removal, account suspension and or deletion of account in this and associated services.

  • By joining Daily Mail Blaster you agree to receive offers and updates from ourselves up to twice a day maximum. (This excludes any system notices you may receive automatically for inactive accounts etc) Mail outs from us may contain private advertisements of a product or service offered not by ourselves. As you opt in to receive these they are not spam so please do not report them as spam emails, false spam complaints will result in immediate deletion of your Daily Mail Blaster account.

  • As Daily Mail Blaster is an email based mailing program you will receive quite a few emails from our members as that is how the system works. This is part of membership and can only be stopped by unsubscribing (removing your account). For this reason some members choose to filter emails into a folder and not main inbox or use a separate mailer email address.

  • If you decide to remove your account we can not refund any paid membership payments. Accounts can be removed easily by yourself by signing in and clicking the Delete Account button on the profile/account details page. We are unable to delete an account for you unless you submit a support ticket using the email address that you used to register your account and confirm your username and current password. Deleting your account yourself is immediate and will result in no further emails coming to you from the site after deletion. However requesting deletion from us can take up to 7 days and you will continue to receive emails during that time.

  • Only one membership account per user or IP address. If two people from the same household/workplace want separate accounts then that is ok as long as they have contacted us and let us know beforehand.

  • The process of deleting an account and signing up for a new one in order to collect multiple "Signup Advertising Bonuses" or because you are unable to access your current account is also not allowed. Please contact us via support ticket if you have any issues relating to your account. We can help get the first account back up and running instead of creating a second account. Members found with two or more accounts are deleted from the system when random checks are done.

  • We reserve the right to delete any account that is considered inactive or that has not been logged into for 365 days.

2) Payments For Goods & Services
  • Daily Mail Blaster uses third party payment processors for taking payments and we are not part of the Payment Processors company nor can we accept any loss or damage for their use. For this reason we do not store any payment info and all payments are collected via the processor and our scripts alerted to update your account.

  • If you have any issue with any purchase from Daily Mail Blaster please submit us a support ticket and we will try to work with you to come to a satisfactory conclusion. Initiating a chargeback, refund request, not as described or item not received dispute without first contacting us using our support desk and giving us 5 days to reply will result in immediate suspension of your account. Those are not ways to mutually resolve issues and should only be used as a last result for example awol admin for a long period of time. Having your account removed for breach of these terms may also result in the loss of your accounts at all sites associated with us as well as selected other sites that we work with to share false dispute information and bad practices.

  • Any special offers are for a limited time only and can be withdrawn from the system at any time. (including before any advertised offer end date if need be).

  • You agree that all details that you provide for the purpose of ordering or purchasing goods are correct, that any credit or debit card you are using is your own and that there are sufficient funds to cover the costs of the products you are purchasing.

  • We reserve the right to hold or withdraw any payment you make to us if we are investigating your account with us for wrongful use.

  • Please note: you are purchasing advertising services and not results. We can not and do not guarantee any results from using our advertising, websites and services. All we can do is put up your adverts, it is up to you to produce adverts and offer services/products that sell.

3) Refund Policy

  • As all purchases for advertising services are automatically delivered instantly, all sales are considered final and non-refundable once delivered and added to your account. However we do offer our exchange guarantee (See section below). purchases not added due to a issue with the IPN or notification from payment processor are allegeable for refund or exchange up until the moment they are added.

  • We are happy to complete any advertising set up purchased or part of membership for you should you not be able to work out how to do so yourself. We prefer for you to try yourself and in first instance will try to explain and guide you through it as all instructions are on site as this helps you at other sites in the future but as a last resort to ensure you get the service paid for we will set it up for you if need be. This guarantees you are able to get all services paid for.

4) Exchange Guarantee
  • Even though all purchases once delivered/added to account are non refundable as a gesture of goodwill Daily Mail Blaster operates an Exchange Guarantee. If you feel that the purchase you made is not for you and it has not been used then you can within the first 14 days take part in our Exchange Guarantee. Contact us using a support ticket and you can trade your purchase for another purchase at one of the other sites as part of this Guarantee.

  • The Guarantee is only available for the first 14 days after purchase. No transactions older than 14 days are included.

5) Affiliate Program / Earning Money
  • Daily Mail Blaster does not offer an affiliate program and there is no direct way to earn money with us. We sell advertising services only, but you can use the service to promote your own websites, services or affiliate links to other products that meet our terms and conditions.

6) Privacy
  • Daily Mail Blaster will never rent, sell, trade, or otherwise share your information with any third parties at anytime unless required to do so by law.

  • We only store names, email addresses, IP addresses and transaction history that is needed to run the membership site. We use third party Payment Processors so we do not have to store sensitive information regarding payments.

  • You can access and edit all information that we keep on your profile/account information page inside the membership area at any time.

  • Daily Mail Blaster uses cookies to help personalize your online experience. This is a common practice which most websites use and cookies can be managed, removed or blocked from your browser settings.

7) General
  • Use of our Daily Mail Blaster service and other services we provide is at members own risk and we can not be held responsible for loss or damage to any information. This includes any financial loss suffered as a result of using our services.

  • We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions and/or discontinue this service at any time.

  • Any promo codes provided for your use inside this site, emails or other promo code sites are not to be shared and distributed by members. Anyone found distributing promo codes without prior permission will be deleted.

  • The copyright, design rights and artwork on the web site belong to Daily Mail Blaster . All other intellectual property rights are reserved. This web site is for personal and non-commercial use. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer or sell any information obtained from this web site. You may only download to your personal computer for viewing purposes and print out a number of pages of this web site for your personal use.

  • We can not accept responsibility for others advertising our service as something that it does not do or in a different light as which it is meant to be used. Others claims are their responsibility not the responsibility of Daily Mail Blaster or its owners. We will only provide the service that we offer and not anything that has been miss promoted by others.

  • If you are unable to access the site, any site service or any bonus or reward feature due to situations out of our control, not limited to but including issues with browser settings and cache, computer or internet settings or personal ability we can not be held responsible for any loss of time or service and we are unable to provide refunds for this. It is your responsibility to provide a working computer/system to access the site. We are always happy to help you where we can and advise on how to get around issues you may be experiencing so please submit a ticket with any issues.

  • Membership requires an active email address (One that actively receives our emails) and any email bouncing (Unable to be delivered to you) will result in the system automatically setting your account to inactive. When logging in it will ask you to provide a working email address to access the site. All we are able to do is send the email to you, the delivery of that to your inbox by your email service provider is out of our control. Verification emails and lost password emails also fall under this category and if you are not receiving them you will need to provide an alternative email address.

  • As an account requires an active email address, unsubscribing from admin emails will result in the account going into delete mode. Unsubscribed accounts are removed 14 days after unsubscribing. Deletion is a non reversible process and all account details including membership fees will be lost. You are able to re-subscribe and set your account back to active within the 14 day deletion mode period by logging in and visiting the profile page and then ticking the subscribed box. You will need to click the confirmation link in the email again when resubscribing.

  • Any monthly advertising bonuses are a bonus added to upgraded accounts as a reward for logging in each month. You must login once a month for this bonus to be added to your account. Monthly advertising bonuses missed due to not logging in during a certain month are forfeited.

  • We provide a support desk as a first point of contact for any account issues. Please always submit a support ticket and note down the ticket number so you can return to check for a reply. If your support ticket is of a email nature and you are not receiving emails from us then you probably will not get the email to say we have replied so noting down your ticket number is of major importance. Any support ticket submitted of a rude or demanding nature will not be replied to, remember we are here to help and work with you not to put up with abuse. Please do not reply to emails with support questions as we get so many emails it will most likely never be seen.

  • All promotional contests and bonus offering either set up manually or by an automated contest, bonus system is provided as a bonus only. We accept no liability over any lost prize/award or reward due to any interference with the contest system included and not limited to system timeout, system failure, users missing claim links or browsers not allowing system follow through for reward completion. In all contests/bonus rewards the managements decision is final. All bonuses/rewards are offered solely as a bonus and are not an entitlement of the member.

  • We are an advertising service and we do not take responsibility for the content of any advert or website that is advertised/promoted using our services. All terms and policies for that site/advert are the responsibility of the particular website or advert owner directly.

  • Please note we do not offer an affiliate program and there are no monetary rewards for promoting or using this site/service.

8) Acceptance Of Terms
  • Upon use of this service you agree to these terms and conditions. All signups require a tick confirmation of agreeing to these terms and conditions, If you do not agree do not sign up. A signup can only be completed with a tick to the terms agreement so any completed signup will be considered an act of agreement.

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